• Professional Pastry Chef Spotlight
    Our professional pastry chef

    Celebrity Master Chef

    Chef Derrick Peltz referred to classic methods and pastry to develop his own memorable highlights during his stint on FOX's Master Chef. "I love working with puff pastry to design my own culinary style. I've always been impressed at how puff pastry adds an artistic aspect and refinement to a dish from courses like beef Wellington or salmon en croute."
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  • A passion for tastes blog
    Pastry Chef recipes

    Tastes & Traditions

    This gorgeous latticed puff pastry is as eye-catching as it is delicious when paired with bourbon-marinated duck breast and pitted cooked cherries. No matter how it is used- whether it's laden with savory or sweet ingredients - this delicate multi-layered crust exudes an aura of pure sophistication.
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  • Matfer Made Moment
    Celebrity Chef Gala

    The Black Steel Frying Pans are Back!

    And we are very proud to announce they rated #1 top choice among other black steel pans in 2015! See what we’ve got back in stock!
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    New professional baking utensils catalog

    2016-2017 CATALOG
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    Professional Pastry Tools, Professional Salad Spinner, Professional Mandoline, Baking utensils, Professional wedgers, Professional Stainless Steel Cookware and kitchen tools.
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