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A Passion for Taste Continues, 200 Years Later… MATFER BOURGEAT Celebrates 200 Years of Innovation and Quality by Honoring Tastes and Traditions.

By Mara Papatheodorou, Your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Matfer Bourgeat 200 Year History 1814 Matfer Bourgeat 200 Year History

It all began with tin and two hundred years later the impressive Matfer spirit of innovation continues to thrive. Founded in 1814, in Paris amidst butchers, tavern keepers and truck farmers, the Matfer tradition of fine quality and product development began as tin and coppersmiths made the best bowls, pans and knives for tradesmen around Les Halles.

Today, the company remains in the family and continues to adhere to those initial principles and philosophy so that our products do what they are meant to do better than ever. Whether a chef is baking or basting, slicing or dicing, whisking or whipping, scooping, sifting or spreading, Matfer kitchen tools deliver. From premium quality copper, stainless steel or silicone products, the Matfer team stays ahead in the culinary and catering world thanks to meticulous research and surveys. In this way, Matfer products have earned the confidence of chefs around the world as they continue to meet their ever-changing desires and demands to complement each professional’s needs and talents.

• Matfer now exports to over 100 countries worldwide
• Almost 1000 new MATFER products are launched per year
• In the 1980's we were one of the first companies to use Exoglass® in items like our pastry cutters
• With whisks, in 1989, MATFER was the first industrial food company to change the handle from wood to stainless steel to Exoglass®
• We are a very environmentally friendly and conscientious in their use of water, gas and electricity with all of industrial size products
• In September 2013, MATFER earned a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the most pounds (13723 lbs.!) of French fries at once


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