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Tastes & Traditions: Chocolate Travel Cake with Orange and Praline By Dimitri Fayard

Tastes & Traditions



Monday, September 10, 2018

Crumble with Hazelnuts

Butter 234 g
Flour 234 g
Fleur de sel 3.6 g
Sugar cane 198 g
Praligrain 306 g

Mix all ingredients together. Spread the dough on a Silpat. Line the Exoglass ® cake mold with hazelnut crumble. Bake at 340° F for 25 minutes.

Chocolate Cake Dough (For 2 cakes)

Butter 285 g
Sugar 450 g
Flour 225 g
Eggs 240g
Buttermilk 175 g
Cocoa powder 52 g
Salt 4 g
Cake flour 1 g
Vanilla paste 8 g
Brewed coffee 51 g
Cacao barry venezuela 70% – 75 g
Candied orange 68 g

Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature. Mix butter, cream, salt and vanilla. Then alternate dry sieved ingredients and wet ingredients. Insert the cylinder in the crumble-lined mold, then pour in the chocolate cake dough so the cake flows around it, creating the empty center in the cake. Top the mold with its lid, and bake at 375° F for 45 minutes.

Cool and unmold carefully by removing the lid from the mold, then gently sliding out the center cylinder before turning cake out to cool completely.


Cream 106 g
Glucose 19 g
Cacao Barry 40.5% – 94 g
Cacao Barry Venezuela 70% – 12.5 g
Butter 12.5

Bring the cream and glucose to boil. Add the chocolate. Mix with whisk. When this mixture reaches 104° F, incorporate the butter. Once the cake is completely cool, cover the top of the cake with the chocolate ganache.

Praline Hazelnut

Sugar 355 g
Vanilla beans 1
Fleur de sel 2 g
Hazelnut 533 g

Caramelize the sugar and add the roasted hazelnuts, the fleur de sel and the vanilla. Pass this mixture to a blender. Cover the top of the cake, which has already been topped with the ganache, with the hazelnut praline.

Chocolate Icing

Dip the top of the cake in tempered milk chocolate.

Praline Filling

Praline 600 g
Cacao Barry Ghana 40.5% – 150 g
Cocoa butter 15 g

Mix the praline with the tempered chocolate and cocoa butter. Using a pastry bag, fill the center of the cake with this praline cream.


Gold powder

Dust with gold luster dust.

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