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Tastes & Traditions: Heart of Small Touches by Chef Yannick Alléno

Tastes & Traditions



February 21, 2019

Veal consommé

500g clarified white veal stock
15g garum sauce
2g kappa

Reduce the white veal stock by half. Mix 100g white veal stock with the garum sauce. Pour into a 2.5 cm Flexipan mold and deep freeze. Gel the remaining reduced white veal stock (100g x 1.5g kappa), and dip balls of frozen white stock in this. Refrigerate on oiled paper.

Veal tartare

150g milk-fed veal filet, untrimmed
Fleur de sel, white pepper, aonori gin, olive oil

Separate the fat from the veal fillet; coarsely grind the meat and fat separately in a meat grinder.

Season the fat with salt and aonori gin, and the meat with salt, pepper, gin and olive oil.

Finish and plating

4 scallops (about 30 g each)
20g Alba white truffle

Very thinly slice the scallops.

Using a 3 cm round cutter, prepare ravioli in the following order: thin scallop slices, 15 g veal tartare, a consommé ball and thin scallop slices.

Warm the ravioli under the broiler for a few seconds, then place in a small bowl.

Grate the truffle in front of the customer.

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