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Tastes & Traditions: Tourbillon® Frui’tea by MOF Yann Brys

Tastes & Traditions


Tourbillon® Frui’tea by MOF Yann Brys

April 8, 2019

Shortbread Dough

200 g Butter
250 g All-purpose flour T55
110 g Powdered sugar
16 g Egg yolks
1/2 Lemon peel
1/2 Orange peel
2 g Fleur de sel
1/2 Vanilla bean

Mix together the softened butter, the scraped seeds from the vanilla bean, the orange and lemon peels, and the fleur de sel. Incorporate the flour and egg yolks. Refrigerate. Roll out to 3 mm thick, cut 8 cm disks and bake on a silpain at 160°C (320°F). Seal with Mycryo as soon as removed from the oven.

Jasmin Tea Trocadero

480 g Tant pour tant (50% ground almonds/50% powdered sugar)
9 g Jasmin tea
20 g Starch
120 g Grated coconut
60 g Egg whites
240 g Eggs
170 g Butter, melted
75 g Egg whites
30 g Sugar

In a food processor, mix together the ground almonds, powdered sugar and starch. Add the ground tea, egg whites and eggs. Without mixing, add the grated coconut. Beat the egg whites and meringue with the sugar. Fold into the first mass and incorporate the melted butter. Spread 1,200 g on a 40x60 baking sheet with a silicon mat. Bake at 165°C (330°F) for about 15 minutes, and cut 7 cm disks.

Raspberry and pink grapefruit marmalade

200 g Pink grapefruit
125 g Raspberry purée
25 g Lime juice
50 g Sugar
5.5 g Pectin NH 325
1/2 Vanilla bean

Grind together the grapefruit segments with the raspberry purée, add the seeds scraped from the vanilla bean. Mix together the sugar, pectin and xanthan, add to the mixture at 40°C and bring to a boil. Cool and mix before using. Use a 6 mm pastry tip and pipe 18 g per biscuit.

Jasmin Tea Cream

257 g Whipping cream
1 g Damman Jasmin tea powder
55 g Egg yolks
55 g Sugar
10 g Powdered gelatin
70 g Water
643 g Whipping cream
12 g Damman Jasmin tea

Heat the cream, add the jasmin, infuse 5 minutes. Strain the cream and top up with cream to obtain the initial weight of cream. Cook the cream with the egg yolks, sugar and tea powder to 85°C. Pour over the bloomed gelatin and cool to 35°C. Add the whipped cream, pipe 40 g per 8 cm Silikomart strips.

Whipped Ivory Ganache

150 g Whole milk
100 g Coconut purée
1 Vanilla bean
2 g Powdered gelatin
374 g White couverture chocolate Opalys
390 g Whipping cream
14 g Water

Heat together the milk, coconut purée and the vanilla. Add the bloomed gelatin and pour onto the chocolate. Mix and add the whipping cream. Rest refrigerated (4°C / 39°F) for about 6 hours. Whip in a stand mixer and pipe onto the chocolate disks in tourbillon method.

Pink Glaze

125 g Couverture chocolate Opalys
125 g Cocoa butter
70 g White cocoa butter
6 g Strawberry red cocoa butter

Make 8 cm diameter rings.

Pink Chocolate

500 g Couverture chocolate Opalys
0 g White cocoa butter
2 g Raspberry red cocoa butter

Use a spray gun to spray over the piped chocolate/tourbillon disks.


Pink chocolate rings, glaze pearls and silver leaf

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