Made of solid copper with stainless steel lining, bronze handle. No lid available.

See how Chef Susan Feniger uses Matfer’s Products to create Ceviche to Savor!

““I am a hands-on chef. I love chopping, slicing and dicing. It makes me happy and keeps me connected to what I do. Obviously, I always use the freshest of ingredients and I love the different flavor profiles they represent. I have a great team in the kitchen too and we work really well together. ”

“When it comes time for the heat, you’ve got to be prepared. I taste as I go so having items all around me helps. For example, when I make the pickled onions in beet juice in the very effective Matfer copper frying pan, I can pay attention so that they’re perfect.”

Chef Susan Feniger, Executive Chef/ Co-Owner
Border Grill Restaurants & Trucks, California & Nevada
Mud Hen Tavern, Los Angeles, California

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