About Us

About Us

Happy 2019! To start of the new year, we have a new look! The changes are small, we know, but we’ve changed our company colors from the familiar red and black, to black and gold, while still paying homage to our French roots. You’ll see this in both of our new logos (use will depend on where/how we’re using them). You’re wondering why you should care or what it means?

As you know, Matfer Bourgeat International has been an industry standard in the foodservice industry for more than 200 years, and in the USA for more than 25. We thought it was time to refresh and reenergize, as well as to refine our focus on chefs, bakery and pastry shops, and restauranteurs and hotel management companies across the country.

Our goal is to build a culinary community and a reputation as a go-to resource for the foodservice industry. We don’t just want to sell tools. We want to inspire taste, passion and creativity among chefs; and deliver remarkable products and services.

Throughout 2019, while we work on our service and opportunities to engage you, we will also launch a series of campaigns focused on our remarkable product lines. You know, it’s the stuff you use every day: black steel pans, whisks, Exoglass bouillon strainers, Exoglass pastry molds, and pastry tools (piping bags and our ever-popular scraper).

We’re also going to better equip our Distributors and Sales Representatives with resources to better support chefs.

We hope our new approach will ultimately lead to a better customer experience for everyone.

If you’re so inclined, let us know what you think! Email contact@matferinc.com